Rust Reconverter

Rust Converter and Protective Coating/Primer

- Removes rust and leaves a protective primer shell all in one quick and easy step!


No more scraping and painting rusted metal! Rust Reconverter LT stops further rust and corrosion on any metal surface by converting rust into a hard, black, organic "shell" with a clear, acrylic coating. The coating itself is sufficient to last for years, but it is also an excellecnt primer for latex, epoxy and oil-based paints. Rust Reconverter extends the life of anything made of metal.

Before photo Rust Converter Corrosionx Rust converter
Rust converter called CorrosionX Rust Reconverter doing its thing...don't be stingy with rust treatment
Found the horseshoe in the dirt while mowing
Rust Converter called CorrosionX Rust Reconvertor has stopped rust on horseshoe end of story
The product goes on in a blueish colour
The horseshoe is nearly black and fully coated. It is hard and sealed and no longer susceptible to rust.
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CorrosionX Australia Rust Converter

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