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Polar Bonding and CorrosionX

September 18, 2016

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CorrosionX Treatment of My Ute

October 2, 2016

The VW Amarok comes with at least a 6 year warranty for rust on the Chassis but a three year warranty for the paint...That said I live within a kilometre of the ocean as the crow flies. All the rational reasons I have had this ute for a year and a half and I still really like it so as with everything else I want to really take care of this ute.


The first thing I did was assemble the gear...Air Compressor, 4 litre pressure pot, lines in and out trigger spray and wands...oh an of course CorrosionX.

 Notice the end of the trigger gun which is the beginning of the wand there is a little metal rod which allows me to swivel the end.


 Pressure pot...gallon of CorrosionX...before you panic I think I used about 150mls.



 Now you know...CorrosionX is green...CorrosionX Heavy Duty is brown.


 Before I got started I had a few in needed to get the sizes aligned.


 I know that all I have shown was the female ends but I did have to stop and on a Sunday there wasn't a shop that had the parts....therefore the before picture of my Amarok is cleaner than the after due to the week that transpired before I really had my gear together.

 Lined the drive with cardboard just in case....

 Like I said it was clean....has a coat of RejeX on it...

 Keep the pressure at 80psi.  You will need to adjust the pressure and the flow but as you adjust each you will have to find a balance.


The opening in the door made application of CorrosionX easy.


 See the plastic plug...that is coming out.


 I sprayed up and back toward the rear...what I needed was an assistant to photograph me in action...did a one handed shot below.


 There are about 5 of these plugs on each side. They come out and go back in easy enough.

Plug removed

 Sprayed both directions..sprayed in all five areas as it is a weak point.


Another plug in the body between the cab and the truck bed.




 Sprayed up and down.  The spray is like a heavy fog and since is uses polar bonding it will creep along any unpainted metal.


 The Amarok doesn't have skid plates but it does have a series of skid rails if you want to call them that...have sprayed front and back.