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Polar Bonding and CorrosionX

September 18, 2016

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Rust Reconverter - Suspension Rust

January 26, 2017

Have a ute that is about two years old and saw some very minor surface rust.

 So, used my trustee bottle of CorrosionX's Rust Reconverter LT.

 So here is a tip....This product needs to be stirred. It only takes a couple of weeks before it start separating. When stirring it is probably best to pour it out into another container like an empty ice cream container and then use a paddle. I had half a bottle and I shook the bottle and ended up with foam that does not go away fast. Plus it doesn't seem to move in the bottle after you have shaken it for a next time I will take my own advice.

Applied it with a paper towel as it was a real small job.

 It is pink in the bottle but goes blue when you apply it. After a while the product goes black over the rust but ends up being clear on the areas that doesn't have rust.


Above you can see I was sloppy and got some on the rubber housing.


Below I also added some to the bolt just below the nut. There was some rust and this will stop it but it will make it harder to take the nut off...eventually. 



While I used a paper towel it should be noted that Rust Reconverter cleans up easily with water!


Just wanted to add one more can clearly see the outline of where there was rust in the photo below...go back and look at the first photo to see where the product has done its work



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