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Polar Bonding and CorrosionX

September 18, 2016

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John Deere Mower Deck Rust Treatment

March 13, 2017

Have a John Deere mower that I have had for 15 years. I am always interested in seeing other peoples old equipment. So why not make sure that I have my JD mower for another 15 years.   So, decided to take the deck off to attack some of the rust. Let me say right up front that the rust is surface and not structural.

Here it is ..


 This isn't John Deere's problem it is my neglect of 15 years. I keep the engine maintained but until recently did little with the mower deck. 

There was a lot of bubbling in the paint and I had a few spots of rust showing near welds. 

 Using a safety blade...(don't know why they call them that) and a Dremel I attacked the deck.



I chased the rust back from every blister or bubble.

 It was a bit of a mess and I started tearing it down. 


 Here we are just before treatment. I have had this jug of Rust Reconverter open for about a year and a half and it is half empty, which is great because Rust Reconverter really wants to be stirred well or it isn't effective. 


Below we have the Reconverter on the deck. It is pink in colour and the bubbles come from shaking the bottle. These can be sanded out after it has hardened but for a better job pour it into another container and stir with a paddle so as to eliminate the bubbles...but hey this is just a mower deck. 



I sat the mower deck on my work bench which was made with a spare piece of MDF. 




 Below is one shot of the discharge end which had more rust. 


 Again the discharge end.



I mentioned the product is pink in colour but it turns blue as you use it. 


 It is drying off and hardening. 


I have a few shots of various points on the mower deck to show progress.