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Polar Bonding and CorrosionX

September 18, 2016

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Lean Manufacturing...better still Lean Life

March 30, 2017


Have just finished reading the book 2 Second Lean (How to Grow People and Build a Fun Lean Culture at Work & at Home) Paul Ackers.  He has taken the Lean Manufacturing concept to the nth degree. But importantly he has applied it to every aspect of his life so that he does not waste time or resources. It occurs to me that CorrosionX is an exceptional Lean Tool. Here is why:

CorrosionX eliminates the waste in a large variety of ways:

- It has the same coverage as 16 equivalent cans of the best selling competitive lubricant out there. 

- Since it covers more there aren't sixteen cans to dispose of...just one.

- Unlike the cheap product it does not harm rubber, gaskets, bushings

- It protects your assets, which translated means you do not waste your resources replacing your assets.

- A tenet of lean is to not overproduce so that you also don't waste transport. Imagine the transport cost of 16 cans versus one.

- It too would be a waste to shop for a can of lubricant penetrant sixteen times versus once. This covers two of Paul Ackers "Eight Wastes" - Wasting Time -Wasting Motion.

- And it eliminates defects. Think of it. If I were selling new farm equipment I would treat the equipment with CX the day it arrived. Who wants to buy a new tractor that has surface rust on the bucket or the hydraulic fittings or on some nuts and bolts...I think you get the defect point.

Great is a link to his Business Page which has lots of lean videos. 



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