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Polar Bonding and CorrosionX

September 18, 2016

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Heat Pump Near the Coast

June 12, 2017

Thought I would touch up my Heat Pump.  It turns out that if you are within 5 kilometres of the water you will run into rust. I had two issues to deal with. First was a bolt that was rusting rather quickly. Don't know why but it was just the one. (I suspect the paint or powder coating must have been nicked during installation and it would be a case of mixed metals.)

Secondly there was surface rust. To fix the bolt and a spot of heavy rust near the bolt I hit it with CorrosionX Rust Reconvertor. 


 The above is before

 You can see with the up close photo the bolt is getting pretty rusty.


Here I have broken out my trusty bottle of Rust Reconverter. The cheap pink artist paint brush has been with me a long time. I use it for touching up projects. It dries fast enough so in this photo I have already rinsed it off with water from the tap. Cleans up easy.

 The Reconverter at work.


 Just above the bolt was more heavy rust. Again decided on Rust Reconverter.


Gave the bottom a touch of Rust Reconverter too.  I gave the lower part a spray of CX.



Then came the issue of slight surface rust. 


I sprayed CorrosionX regular on the bracket. I must admit that I used an aerosol can because I had one open but normally would use a trigger.  The aerosol is sensitive and the moment you press the button you have sprayed too much. I knew this would happen so I sprayed in one spot then spread it with my finger.






 I sprayed a touch at the bottom too and you can just see the overspray.


 I was smart enough to put some cardboard below so the concrete was protected. 


I have added this last photo as a precaution.  I sprayed the hinges on the meter box before I knew better...two years later and you can still see the overspray...drives my wife nuts..




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