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Polar Bonding and CorrosionX

September 18, 2016

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Comparison of New Product Extended and HD in Trigger Bottles

July 16, 2017

Received new product this week. I am super excited because we now have a good option for sending Heavy Duty. We previously had aerosol in 340 grams. It is classified as a Dangerous Goods for transport in Australia. So, sending a can costs more than 100.00AUD. Apart from that we had a Gallon Container but that is 299.00 which is fine for our larger industrial customers. Now we have a 454gram trigger bottle for 39.95 and shipping can be done by Fastway for 7.20. 

Besides the CorrosionX HD (Heavy Duty) we received the medium weight CorrosionX Extended Duty.  We now carry four Trigger Bottles - CorrosionX Aviation, CorrosionX, CorrosionX Extended Duty, CorrosionX HD. I took the opportunity to do a side by side. 



Here are the four containers. HD (Green) on the left, Extended Duty (Orange), CorrosionX (Red) and CorrosionX Aviation (Light Blue)


Here are close ups of each.


Heavy Duty or HD is dark brown.



CorrosionX Extended Duty

Colour is not as dark, it really is a cross between HD and the regular CorrsosionX.


 The Red CorrosionX


 And CorrosionX Aviation



Then took the piece of metal and stood it up.

You can see the Heavy Duty wasn't really going to move. The Extended Duty was right between the CorrosionX and the Heavy Duty. The Aviation ran the fastest but...This was not a scientific experiment and you can see that the Aviation started from a higher spot and there was no scientific controls...meaning that the amounts were all different, they weren't in equal spots, the metal was dirty etc. but still I had fun.





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