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Polar Bonding and CorrosionX

September 18, 2016

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Push Mower Rust Prevention

January 6, 2018

Decided it was time to give my push mower a little love. I have had this mower for 17 years in a couple of months time. I have previously sprayed it with CorrosionX and it will show that in some of the photos but here is the before.


That is it. Not in bad shape but still getting on in age. Gave it a wash and gave it a CorrosionX Treatment. 

 Just sprayed down in the side by the wheels. The mower raises and lowers so there are various moving parts. 


The handles are the sort that have a knob that allows for them to be bent in half for storage and you can see the black where they touch when in use. Unbolted the handle bar then wiped it down. You will see that it looks oily but that is from a previous treatment. 


 Just wiped it off.


Then I sprayed it with fresh CorrosionX. You can see the colour so that you will be able to tell that I used the CorrosionX original formula in the Red Bottle. 



This is the before on the inside of the handle bar. 


 Again, I wiped it down. I sprayed it after the photo was taken. 

 Next I loosed up a plastic guard and cleaned it out. This area seemed like a trap for water and subsequently for rust. I used an old paint brush because it wasn't going to come off completely as I would have had to remove a wheel. 


 Then I laid down a coat of CorrosionX on the plastic. CorrosionX, unlike the cheap major brand will not harm plastics, rubber, neoprene or gaskets so no reason for concern anywhere on the mower. 


Then I sprayed areas that would hold water or are made of lighter weight materials that may rust. 

Started with this part of a clip. There is always a concern when two different metals are touching. In this case it could be 316SS on 316SS but could not really tell so no harm in a quick touch of CX. Also the deck on the mower is aluminium and the spring attached to a hole in the deck and Aluminium and Stainless Steel do not play well together. 


You can see that I have backed off the bolts a little bit to let the CorrosionX get behind the handle. Also sprayed in the handle are as the metal is cut and slightly rolled and this may have caused some of the paint to be removed. 




I could not find a bottom to that hole so determined that it could hold water. If it can hold water it might rust and CorrosionX will displace water. 



I sprayed some on this clip as there are different metals. I try not to spray too much as the product will migrate by polar bonding. 


 Spray a bit on the end of the throttle cable too.


 Another screw with its head facing up so that it too would become a mini pool. 



After the clean up and spray down here is my 17 year old Viking Push Mower. I reckon it is good for another 17 years.


For the record I did replace some gaskets in the fuel system a few years ago but that is the beauty of a Briggs and Stratton Mower. I would never worry about the engine rather I would be concerned with the small metal bits. 




Finally, I have wiped down a few of my wrenches. These wrenches are about 25 years old. They were guaranteed forever but that doesn't stop me from looking after them. Tools are expensive and while I have looked after them I have never had to replace a tool. I have most every tool that I originally bought. Remember...Protect Your Assets.